5 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Wheel Alignment

5 Signs Your Vehicle Needs Wheel Alignment

Your mechanic might have recommended getting your vehicle’s tires rotated and booking a wheel alignment for your car, and you must have wondered why getting a wheel alignment was necessary for your vehicle.


Wheel alignment is crucial if you want your car to have long-lasting wheel life. It also protects your car parts and is essential to road safety. If your car has unaligned wheels, it may be a nuisance and cause trouble while driving, even resulting in accidents. 


You should get your wheel alignment done in time, and know when to go for it. Read on to learn what our team of professionals at Auffenberg of Carbondale say about when your vehicle needs a wheel alignment.

Why Is Wheel Alignment Important?

The suspension system on your vehicle is made to align your tires with the road surface so they meet evenly. However, after some time, this alignment might get disturbed due to rash driving or uneven roads. The wheels of your car get turned to an unusual angle, leading to problems while driving.

The process of wheel alignment refers to adjustments of your car’s wheels. It’s done to make sure that the rear and front wheels are aligned and straight, facing toward the front of the car. An expert will put your vehicle on an alignment machine and adjust the suspension of your vehicle’s tires.


Wheel alignment ensures that your tire’s suspension aligns your wheels in the direction suited to make your car move straight. If the car’s wheels aren’t aligned to accuracy, the suspension will need re-adjustment. The process is different for every model or make, and alignment is done according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. 

Signs Your Car Needs Wheel Alignment

Now that you know why a wheel alignment is important, you should also know when it becomes necessary to get one. If you look out for these signs, you’ll easily know when it’s time to get a wheel alignment.

  1. Car Shifting Directions

Also called car pulling, it is when your car constantly keeps moving or shifting towards a certain angle, even when the steering wheel is not moved. If you feel the tires are changing directions on their own, get your car checked for unaligned wheels immediately. A mechanic will observe your car’s movement and inspect the suspension.

  1. Unusual Sounds

If you observe that your tires are unusually noisy and make frequent squeaking sounds, you should book an appointment with a mechanic. These sounds, made while the car is turning, may be caused by unaligned wheels. The wheels of your car may be worn out irregularly, or there may be a suspension issue with your wheels.

  1. Steering Vibration

If your steering wheel vibrates even while driving on smooth roads, it might be a sign that your car needs a wheel alignment. Shaky steering wheels may be caused by uneven wheel alignment as the suspension system wears down over time. Wheels out of alignment may result in more resistance in the steering, which can prove dangerous on highways when you are driving at high speed.

  1. Worn Out Tires

If you start to notice that parts of your tire are wearing out faster than others, it might be a sign that your car needs a wheel alignment. Due to rough driving in harsh driving conditions, your tires may be unevenly wearing out, leading to a slight change in the wheel’s alignment. This will further erode your tires at unusual angles and areas, hinting that a trip to the mechanic is overdue.

  1. Tilted Steering Wheel

Keep an eye out for the angle of your steering wheel. If the steering isn’t straight while the car is moving in a straight direction, your wheels may be misaligned. Because the steering is at an unusual angle, it can cause anxiety and stress during driving as you will manually have to hold the steering straight to avoid road accidents. Make sure to get your car inspected if you notice a tilt in your steering.

Why You Should Get A Wheel Alignment 

Several reasons emphasize the importance of timely wheel alignment in your car. Getting your suspension checked on time can be beneficial for you and your car.


Getting a wheel alignment on time can prevent fatal accidents. When your steering vibrates or your vehicle keeps pulling onto one side, you should get your suspension checked. With your car wheels aligned, your chances of harming yourself and others in an accident are low. 

Smooth Drive

Unaligned wheels will make your car tilt in one direction continuously. This means you won’t be able to experience a smooth drive as your hands will constantly be on the steering wheel to manage the car’s direction. After getting a wheel alignment, you can drive your car comfortably.

Fuel Efficiency

If the wheels in your car are not aligned at similar angles, your car engine will have to bear an increased load into maintaining a straight path for the wheels. When your engine is overburdened into working more than it should, it will increase fuel costs. So, getting a wheel alignment will save you money and improve your fuel efficiency and mileage. 


Wheel alignment lets you have a comfortable and safe driving experience. Additionally, getting your wheels aligned increases the longevity of your tires, saves you money on fuel consumption, and increases mileage and efficiency. Our recommendation would be to get your wheel alignment checked every 6000 to 8000 miles. Otherwise, always be on the lookout for the various signs that point toward a much-needed wheel alignment. 

If you notice some signs and want to get your car’s suspension system and wheel alignment inspected, you can visit our website to check our offered services. Our trained experts will effectively get the job done. You can also book an appointment with us to get your wheel alignment and allow yourself a smooth driving experience.