Which GMC Car Is Best For Off-Roading?

Which GMC Car Is Best For Off-Roading?

Key Takeaways 

  1. GMC offers an extensive collection of vehicles with off-roading models in its AT4 trim lineup.
  2. The AT4 models are best for off-roading due to their versatility in providing comfort and powerful off-road capabilities.
  3. The Sierra 1500 AT4X model is one of the top-rated off-road trucks because of its powerful and robust engine and exterior. 
  4. GMC provides duality with its Terrain AT4 model, making a compact SUV capable enough to off-road. 
  5. All GMC off-road cars have advanced cutting-edge technology and extensive safety features for all driving conditions.


Searching for the perfect off-roading vehicle can be overwhelming, but with GMC’s diverse lineup of vehicles it doesn’t have to be. 


Whether you prioritize comfort or power in your ride, this guide highlights some of their premier four-wheel drive cars tailored specifically for rough terrains. 


Get ready to conquer any expedition and experience a smooth ride with one of GMCs latest SUVs or trucks!

Why GMC AT4 Lineup is Best for Off-roading 

From 2020, the AT4 trim was available across the GMC collection of trucks and SUVs. Its main selling point was the concept of rugged luxury, offering buyers a new luxury model with off-road capabilities. The AT4 models became instantly successful due to many reasons. 


This collection of off-road trucks and SUVs provides premium and tech-savvy features combined with a rugged design. The GMC AT4 lineup consisting of the Sierra 1500 AT4X and the Terrain AT4, is one of the best options for off-roading. 


These vehicles sport a signature black chrome exterior look, coupled with grilles and fog lights. Some exclusive off-road features in the AT4 lineup include underbody skid plates to protect essential parts from rocks and ruts. 

Additionally, the GMC AT4 lineup boasts a hill descent control feature that uses anti-lock braking technology for smooth descents. This means you won’t have to repeatedly press on the brake pedals while going downhill. 

2023 GMC Sierra 1500 AT4X 

The latest Sierra 1500 AT4X is a powerful off-road truck launched by GMC. The AT4X trim is also available in American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) edition. It’s the most robust truck in the GMC collection, with advanced capabilities and cutting-edge technology that make it the best for off-roading. 


The new Sierra model is powered by a 6.2-liter V8 engine that outputs 420 horsepower and 460 torque. The AT4X trim offers DSSV spool-valve dampers, rock sliders, and protected exhaust tips. This GMC truck also provides a Terrain Mode for one-pedal drive and Off-road mode. 


The powerful off-road truck has a solid exterior sporting AEV steel front and rear bumpers with heavy-duty winch capability and corrosion resistance. Boron steel skid plates protect the vehicle’s essential parts from damage in rocky areas. 


The Sierra AT4X trim provides users with a premium interior design that prioritizes comfort and convenience for the passengers. It features 16-way heated and ventilated leather power seats with massage options. This model comes 12-speaker premium Bose series, surround sound, and a 15-inch head-up display. 

2023 GMC Terrain AT4 

The small GMC SUV in its AT4 trim offers a comfortable off-road experience at a reasonable price. With premium features offered on the compact SUV, you can enjoy the off-road landscape easily. 


The 2023 Terrain AT4 model is redesigned with a bulky off-road look and signature AT4 elements. These include intensified C-shaped LED lighting, a dark grille, and black chrome accents on the exterior. The capable 17-inch black wheels and sport terrain tires enhance the car’s rugged look. 


Off-road features on the SUV include Traction Select System that allows you to switch between AWD, FWD, and Off-road mode on the go. You can improve traction and adjust the drive on dirt or bumpy roads depending on road conditions.


On uneven roads or trails, the Hill Descent Control provides a smooth descent in hilly areas with anti-lock braking technology. In addition, the car has a front steel skid plate to protect the underbody parts of the vehicle.


The interior of the AT4 trim has a premium finish with jet-black heated leather seats and aluminum trim decor. Functional features like foldable seats for space to carry luggage, like camping gear, are best for off-roading. Additionally, this off-road SUV offers convenient options like the hands-free Power Liftgate for easy loading. 

Which is the Best GMC Off-road Car?

Comparing the new Sierra 1500 AT4X with the Terrain AT4 may not be fair in all aspects across the board. The critical distinction is that the Sierra is an off-road truck while the Terrain is a small SUV. The decision lies on the preference of the buyer and their needs in an off-road vehicle.


Both GMC cars offer premium features with the best engine, exterior, and interior design for off-roading. The Sierra and Terrain models designed for off-roading have brilliantly combined the rugged look of an off-road truck with the comfort of a reliable car. These cars will provide you with an experience of a lifetime on your off-roading adventures. 


GMC has launched an impressive collection of off-road SUVs and trucks in recent years with advanced capabilities. These vehicles are powerful in rugged terrains and offer a comfortable ride with premium and luxury features. The AT4 trims on GMC cars have proven to be best for off-roading.


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